Stick to your new habits

Wiles Habit gives you a system for sticking to your habits.

Unlike other habit-tracking systems, this system works at getting you to change what you're doing consistently.

Have you ever had a great coach that you've worked with, or been on a team where you saw steady, consistent growth? Wiles Habit was designed to replicate that feeling of personal accountability quickly and independently.

    How does this work?

  1. Get off your phone
  2. There's a million habit tracking apps on your phone. Your phone cannot change what you do. I have found that a phone tracking app is a distraction and ends up triggering other bad habits (mindless browsing, games, etc.)

  3. Figure out what drives your behavior
  4. You need to track why you're not following through on your commitments. That's what Wiles Habit helps with.

  5. Hold yourself accountable
  6. We're going to record you asking yourself how you've been tracking on your goals. Listening to the goals you had helps you realize how important these goals are to you and keeps you time consistent over the long run.

What's the process?

  1. Record your goals
  2. We've set up a simple, intuitive way to record you asking yourself if you've actually done what you've said you'd do.

  3. Call us up
  4. You're going to be calling us up every day and quickly reviewing whether you've hit your habit over the last 24 hours.

  5. Review patterns
  6. You can track how you've been doing over time, and listen to the things that have been keeping you from hitting your habits to identify long-range impediments to change.

  7. Get reminders
  8. If you forget to check in, we'll send you a friendly reminder text to get you back on the wagon.

How can I get started?

Put in your number below.

We will activate your account, and send you a text reminder. Then, you can call that number to set up your goals and check-in.

FYI, our number is (347)-417-5636.